5 Reasons to Just Get a Sportsco Membership Already

Last Thursday, I sweated more than I ever have. In my entire life. But, that’s what you get when you decide to take a fitness class at SPORTSCO. Never have I had a more intense (or rewarding) workout experience. Here are the reasons why you, too, should head over to SPORTSCO to tone your body and sweat out the stress.

1. This place has everything

The gym at SPORTSCO has a huge range of equipment that offers endless fitness opportunities. Not only do they have all the essentials (treadmills, elliptical machines, weights, etc.), but they also have specialized equipment to enable every workout under the sun. What’s more, if aquatic fitness is more your style, SPORTSCO have a lovely lap pool. And they don’t just cater for adults – SPORTSCO has something for all the family with children’s summer camps, family swim hours, and a pre-school to boot.

Underfoot, a machine that vibrates to add resistance to and crank up the difficulty of this plank exercise.

Underfoot, a machine that vibrates to add resistance to and crank up the difficulty of this plank exercise.

2. Push it, push it (to the limit, limit)

I naively picked the Functional Training fitness class out of SPORTSCO’s timetable because it fit my schedule (even though I had no idea what it actually was). Much to my surprise, I ended up in a high-intensity workout that involved rotating through ten very challenging stations with “breaks” (i.e. ab workouts and squats) in between rotations. The class was engaging, challenging, and well run, and by the time 45 minutes were up I was exhausted (but very pleased). A couple of days later (once my muscles had stopped hating me)  I came back for more and took part in a spin class. The class was formatted around a stellar pop playlist, and we were challenged to pedal along to the beat while cranking up the resistance on our bikes, for a fun but difficult workout. Both classes were exceptional, and I’m sure the same holds true for the rest of SPORTSCO’s classes, which include everything from intense workouts like Fusion Fit and High Intensity Interval Training to more gentle fitness builders like Aqua Health and Active for Life. Yoga, Zumba, lifting, and more . . .


Ladder exercises kept us on our toes (and fingertips) in Functional Training.

Ladder exercises kept us on our toes (and fingertips) in Functional Training.


Jumping squats in action at Functional Training.

Jumping squats in action at Functional Training.

A few different weight-lifting exercises in our Functional Training rotation.

A few different weight-lifting exercises in our Functional Training rotation.

3. Trust in the pros

When I arrived at SPORTSCO for my first class and the instructor found out I had no weightlifting or Functional Training experience, he said, “This is going to be a hard night for you.” He was half-joking, half-deadly serious but even though the workout was both unfamiliar and challenging, Brian’s expert instruction got me up to speed with all the exercises in no time. Plus, he made sure that all members of the class were staying safe by insisting on a warm up and cool down, correct form, and hydration. He also offered some strong encouragement . . .

Brian: How are you doing?

Me: Good!

Brian: Then can’t you move a little faster?!



Brian helping a class member improve her form.

Brian helping a class member improve her form.

Brian lending a hand for balance.

Brian lending a hand for balance.

When I returned for a spin class, I had another amazing instructor who helped us make the most out of our hour-long workout. Since there’s no way for anyone else to see how much resistance is on your bike or how hard you’re working, spin classes rely on individual accountability to achieve optimal results. As someone who doesn’t love working out, it takes a lot to motivate me to put in my best effort in a fitness class. In spinning, the instructor brought a high level of energy and intensity to the class that made me want to work my hardest, this resulted in an exceptional workout experience and left me feeling like a champ.

The gym team aren’t only class instructors, though – if you’re looking for even more personalized fitness advice, SPORTSCO employ a personal trainer and offer services at their Physiotherapy Clinic. Whether you’re looking to achieve specific fitness goals or recover from a sports injury, they’ve got professionals to look after you.

4. Squad goals

When I arrived for Functional Training, I was a little apprehensive about joining a class that seemed to be full of old pros, but my classmates were all very welcoming and fun to train with! Everyone was very willing to help me out when I was unsure about how to do a certain exercise, and generously consented to be photographed during the workout. Each class member’s high level of dedication created an atmosphere of intensity and full commitment to the workout. After spinning, we all walked out dripping with sweat, and yet people were still up for a friendly post-workout chat. SPORTSCO seems like a place where you couldn’t help but make a few new friends – or where you could have fun and get fit with pals! SPORTSCO have squash and tennis courts, a sports hall with badminton, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, and more (plus clubs you can join to play any of the above), an indoor golf simulator, and outdoor Astroturf pitches and running track – perfect for time with friends playing any team sports.

My Functional Training class suffers in solidarity during a “relaxing break” (LOL nope) that consists of ab sits.

My Functional Training class suffers in solidarity during a “relaxing break” (LOL nope) that consists of ab sits.


5. Sit back, relax, and enjoy their facilities

After both of my intense workout classes, I was more than ready for a little relaxation. Luckily, SPORTSCO has a posh Leisure Suite complete with a sauna, steam room, heated loungers, and hot tub. Plus, they have bucket showers (yes, that is exactly what it sounds like) which are deliciously cold and very fun. Both times, I left the gym feeling wiped out – but somehow refreshed and deeply relaxed as well. Plus, the relaxation opportunities don’t end there – if you’re looking for more, SPORTSCO are ready to oblige in the Urban Day Spa.

I now only shower by bucket.

I now only shower by bucket.

When all is said and done: SPORTSCO take fitness seriously, yet welcome newcomers with open arms. Far from making you feel self-conscious or foolish, they elevate you to their level of workout commitment. I can’t think of anywhere better to get in a great workout (and maybe even make a few new friends along the way).

If you would like to win a summer prize bundle from SPORTSCO including a one month membership, click here. 


This week’s BBD4 Business In Focus Post was written by Lucie Lyon.

Why You Need To Visit The Chop House

It’s always lovely to treat yourself to a really nice lunch or dinner out. Whether you’re celebrating a promotion, meeting a good friend, or simply overdue for a little wining and dining, my recommendation for the ultimate indulgent restaurant experience would be The Chop House on Shelbourne Road. But don’t just take my word for it – it’s also been recommended as one of Ireland’s Top Gastro Pubs in the Michelin Guide 2015 (I’ve heard they know their stuff) and just last week Lucinda O’Sullivan included it in her “Best Places To Stay and Eat” Guide in the Sunday Independent.

In case you need even more reasons to pay this eatery a visit (as if!) I’ve compiled a handy list of my favourite things about this wonderful dining establishment.

1. Soak up the sun

First of all, let’s talk windows. As you can see below, the Chop House has lots. Basking in natural light and enjoying a view of the great outdoors is just good for the soul. Often, going for a fancy meal involves sitting in a dark, quiet room – which can be great sometimes – but on a sunny day like today it’s good to soak in the sun! Enter the Chop House, and you’re in a fun, vibrant environment filled with light and people. Plus, you get a lovely view of the rest of Beggars Bush. Check it out for yourself in the virtual tour below!

2. Food at its finest

If you go to The Chop House, you know you’re guaranteed really, really great food. Each dish is crafted with care, using only the highest quality ingredients. There’s simply nowhere better for a reliably wonderful meal. Seriously. Owners Kevin Arundel and Gillian Mulcahy and Head Chef Kevin Gallagher each bring seriously impressive culinary skills to the table and it shows in every single dish.

3. Show some love to Irish growers

The Chop House sources their produce locally, so you can go for an amazing dinner and support local Irish farmers in one fell swoop. Especially renowned for their steaks, The Chop House sources all their beef from two farms, one in Louth and another in Roscommon. From there, The Chop House dry ages the beef in-house for 35 days to bring out that exceptional flavour.


4. Decadent desserts

In the event that you’ve finished your delicious Chop House dinner and somehow have room for dessert, you’re in luck. The Chop House has an in-house baker who makes decadent and innovative desserts. In my book, any dessert menu that includes a dish topped with “Pistachio & Mascarpone Cream” deserves at least a quick look, wouldn’t you agree?

5. Pubbin’ and clubbin’

Okay, yes, you can go to the Chop House for lunch and dinner. But you should also keep the Chop House in mind for more casual – OR more upscale – occasions! Pop in for a casual drink on match days, or book a spot in their bimonthly Beef Club, where foodies meet to chat over a terrific five-course meal. Upstairs, they have one last surprise – the stunning Artichoke Room! A bright open space to host a function, or to celebrate a birthday, christening or intimate wedding party which can cater for up to 80 people.


Bottom line: If you want really exceptional food in a lovely environment, this is the place to go.


This week’s BBD4 Business In Focus Post was written by Lucie Lyon.

5 Reasons To Pop Into Eurospar Bath Avenue

Every community needs  a great local shop at its heart, and the team at Eurospar Bath Avenue are at the epicenter of the Beggar’s Bush community, providing incredible service to locals and passers by day in, day out. Today we’re taking a look at 5 of the best reasons to pop into Eurospar Bath Avenue.

1. A whole new World  Eurospar!

If you haven’t noticed already, the shop has been getting a bit of a face lift over the last couple of months with a full shop redesign, including: a new deli, an improved seating area, a swanky new Insomnia and a great new off-license with ALL of the wine!


2. The newly designed Insomnia

Thanks to the redesign, the Insomnia at Eurospar Bath Avenue now has its very own entrance and a brilliant little seating area. As expected with Insomnia, the range of hot drinks and fresh pastries are incredible and they won’t break the bank with lots of special combo deals available. They also currently have their special Summer menu available, which includes their ICECAP blended frappes, iced coffees, lemonade and sweet treats such as the Eton Mess and the White Fudge Square!

3. Delicious healthy options and foodie inspiration

The team at Eurospar want to make it simple for you to enjoy fresh, wholesome food so they’ve put together an amazing range of recipes on their website with everything from starters to mains, breakfasts to desserts – all made using incredible Eurospar ingredients! To feel inspired check out the website here. #EUROSPARfoodie

4. Fresh Food made Daily.

As part of the store refurbishment, Eurospar Bath Avenue now has an expanded deli and an in-house bakery  producing freshly baked goods on a daily basis. At the deli counter there is a huge range of gourmet ready made sandwiches, a hot food counter and also fresh meats and salads which you can combine to make your perfect custom sandwich, wrap or roll. If you’re in a need of a morning pick-me-up after a few too many the night before, this is also your go-to spot for a jumbo breakfast roll!


5. Shopper loyalty Scheme

To top it all off, shoppers at Europsar can collect points on every purchase in-store. There is a shopper loyalty scheme where every 100 points earns you €1 off your shop. You can use your points whenever you wish and you will also receive special offer vouchers to use in-store. The more points you earn the less you could be spending on a big weekly shop – winning! Sign up for your rewards card here. 


This week’s BBD4 Business In Focus Post was written by Emma Kingston.

Five Reasons To Be Obsessed With Press Café

Press Café has become our go-to spot to take our lunch breaks (and our morning coffee runs, and our snack stops, and our afternoon coffee runs – well, you get the picture). This spot is tucked away where only the chosen few may find it . . . but luckily you’ve caught us on a day when we’re hopped up on yummy Press Americanos and ready to spill all of the details about this secret little gem!

Here’s the scoop on Press Café and why you need to visit, stat.


  1. Location, location, location

Situated just off Haddington Road right next to the National Print Museum, this spot is far enough away from traffic to be nice and quiet but central enough to be super handy. Plus, can we talk about the fact that it’s adjacent to just about the cutest museum ever? Almost too good to be true.

And we're open! Drop in for some tasty homemade food before the big game today #irelandvscotland

A photo posted by Press Café, Dublin (@pressdublin) on


2. #Aesthetics

Press Café has cracked the code for the perfect cosy, cutesy coffee shop vibe. Floor to ceiling windows that let you enjoy the outdoors from indoors? Check. Plants both inside the shop and outside on the tiny patio? Check. Reading nook with an eclectic magazine collection and an adorable sofa? Check.

Wine garden in progress 🍷🌴😎 #summerindublin #presscafe #pressgarden

A photo posted by Press Café, Dublin (@pressdublin) on


  1. Caffeine and sugar fix: acquired

Don’t even get me started on the coffee and pastries at Press.

Okay, fine, twist my arm! They’re fab. Not only does this café do basic coffees really well, but they also offer fun drinks like macchiatos, chai lattes, and will even make you a flat white! Plus, they always have a mouth-watering selection of home baked pastries on hand (it kills me every time I have to say no to a slice of their homemade toasted coconut bread, but a girl can only eat so many pastries before she turns into a human-sized danish).

Morning! #flatwhite #cloudpicker #coffee #presscafe #specialitycoffee #quietdublin

A photo posted by Press Café, Dublin (@pressdublin) on


  1. Fresh & Local

In the event that you’re able to restrain yourself from spending all your money on pastries and want to get a proper meal, Press Café’s menu will turn you into an indecisive puddle on the floor whining, “But everything looks so goooooooood!” All their food is homemade and all ingredients are sourced from Ireland, and they offer sandwiches, soups and salads in addition to a killer weekend brunch.

Today's waffle special

A photo posted by Press Café, Dublin (@pressdublin) on


  1. Come on in, stay a while

The number one reason to make Press Café a big part of your life is the restorative power of the atmosphere. You can’t help but leave your problems at the door as you sink into a chair, bathe in the quite serenity of the location, and eat delish food off a rustic wooden block (plates are for squares). So head over to Press, pronto. And don’t invite your annoying co-workers – no stress allowed at this lovely little spot.


This week’s BBD4 Business In Focus Post was written by food, coffee and cosy book nook enthusiast, Lucie Lyon.

WIN summer prize bundle from SPORTSCO Beggars Bush including 1 month membership!

SPORTSCO Leisure Centre have launched an exciting new membership option – the “Summer Taster” where you can join for one month during this July/August for just €60. To celebrate we’re giving you the chance to win a Summer Prize Bundle including free “Summer Taster” membership!

2016 Summer Taster promotion (Mobile)

The amazing facilities at SPORTSCO include:-  gym, functional training area, 25m swimming pool, sports hall, fitness studios, tennis & squash courts, 5-a-side soccer pitches, Urban Day Spa and Metro Golf. The lucky winner will get to enjoy all the benefits of the Taster package, which includes an incredible choice of classes such as Turbofit, HIIT, TRX, Zumba, Spinning, Circuits, Aqua Health, Strongman and much more!

Located right here in Beggars Bush, SPORTSCO is based on a 4 acre site just off South Lotts Road and is one of the leading sports facilities in the country.

The SPORTSCO Summer prize bundle includes;

  • 1 Month ‘Summer Taster’ Membership at SPORTSCO Leisure Centre
  • 1 Hour Custom Body Massage at Urban Day Spa
  • 2 Hour Golf Session at Metro Golf
  • Free Lunch for two at SPORTSCO Cafe


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Reactions to THAT Ireland Match in Beggars Bush D4

Welcome to this week’s local news round-up, what a week it was! This week we’re dedicating the blog to the amazing Ireland V Italy match and having a look at the best match craic from around the local area!

1. Lottie captured a great video of revelry outside The Bath after Robbie Brady’s amazing header into the Italian goal! #ComeOnYouBoysInGreen AND there was also a dog wearing an Ireland hat watching the match in The Bath, which is one of the best things we’ve ever seen. Bualadh Bos all round.

2. Over in Ryan’s Beggars Bush the crowd decided to whip out a classic tune – the old Olé, Olé, Olé is always a winner. We get the feeling they might have been having a good time! #COYBIG

3. Slattery’s uploaded a fantastic video of the security camera footage to YouTube, showing the crowd’s disappointment following Hollohan’s miss and then sheer excitement at 45 seconds in after Brady’s goal! Great stuff!

4. Local Rachel shared this amazing Instagram of Robbie and his teammates reaction directly after the goal – we’re sensing unimaginable pride and just a little hint of relief!

5. On Thursday morning as Ireland awoke with a stern hangover Limelight Communications tweeted the front covers of all the daily papers each hailing Brady a national hero. Our favourite headline has to be “The Italian Rob!”

If you’re not headed to Lyon then make sure you’re in Beggars Bush as Ireland take on France at 2pm this Sunday and soak in the atmosphere at some of the best pubs in Dublin!

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Beggars Bush D4 Round Up – 9th June

Welcome to this week’s local news round-up, have a read and make sure you’re up to date on all the latest happenings from Beggars Bush D4! To be considered for inclusion just tag #beggarsbushd4 in your social media posts.

1. Is this the best breakfast from Press available in Dublin? We did some very scientific research and our findings suggest yes, yes it is.

Amazing breakfast checklist:
Eggs ☑
Bacon ☑
Avocado ☑
Waffle ☑


2. The demand for a bag of chips from Presto’s was so huge recently that the queue was out the door and down the road! We bet everyone in that queue said their food was worth the wait thought – #BestChipsInDublin

3. When chef at The Chop House Iggy shared this picture on Instagram earlier this week it took all our self control to not run over and shout “give us all of the Raspberry Cheesecakes!” Owner of the Chop House Kevin also did a fantastic interview with EatsAbroad.com which can be read here. He gave a glowing shoutout to Beggar’s Bush saying “If you were to ask me about my favorite neighborhood in Dublin, I wouldn’t go much further than my own here in Beggars Bush. It has become the hippest eating/drinking area in the city over the past 3-5 years because of the array of eateries and bars that have opened.”


4. Local PR and event company Limelight Communications are gearing up for the Kite Festival this Sunday on Dollymount Strand. Find out more about this free family day out at www.dublinkitefestival.ie and let’s go fly a kite!

5. We love this snap from Sorrena who was dining AL FRESCO outside Foodgame earlier this week. Dublin’s coming over all continental European with this lovely weather!

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Beggars Bush D4 Round Up – 1st June

Welcome to this week’s round-up, have a read and make sure you’re up to date on all the latest happenings from Beggars Bush D4! To be considered for inclusion just tag #beggarsbushd4 in your social media posts.

1. Dublin City Council have launched a new Ballsbridge Walking Trail Map & Guide, which can be viewed here. Take advantage of the lovely weather and take a stroll of the Ballsbridge area this evening – you may even learn something new!


2. The fantastic annual Bath Pub charity cycle to Howth and back took place last Saturday with all funds raised going to support AWARE and the Christine Buckley Foundation. Massive congratulations to everyone who took part and donated their time, effort or money to these very worthy causes! #GoTeam

3. A big Happy Birthday is in order for Joe Lynch, store manager at Ryan’s Beggars Bush who recently celebrated his 80th birthday. Thanks for being such a staple of the Beggar’s Bush community Joe, hope you had a great day!


4. There was a whole lot of fun in Slattery’s earlier this week as the Netherlands took on Ireland in a friendly football match at the Aviva. Fans from both sides made their way to the famous pre & post match hub and the Dutch supporters even shared a rousing rendition of “A Soldier’s Song”!

5. We couldn’t finish this week’s roundup without sharing at least one glorious sun picture. After some deliberation we’ve chosen this stunning shot from Antoon taken from the Google offices. Doesn’t the sun make everything better?

Mooi weer in Dublin #Google

A photo posted by Antoon Bloem (@antoonbloem) on


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Beggars Bush D4 Round Up 28th April

Welcome to this week’s round-up, have a read and ensure that you know all the latest and greatest gossip from Beggars Bush D4! To be considered for inclusion just tag #beggarsbushd4 in your social media posts.

1. STOP EVERYTHING – Yogism have brought their frozen yogurt goodness to Beggars Bush with a new home in Lotts&Co! Coming into the Summer months this is exactly the guilt-free treat we all need in our lives. The only question that remains is – what toppings will you choose?


2. You may have heard us mention (once or twice….) that we have TWO Michelin approved gastropubs in Beggars Bush. The below pictures posted by Martina at dinner in The Old Spot and Alexandra at dinner in The Chop House Bar & Restaurant show us exactly why these local eateries are so highly renowned. Our compliments to the chefs!

Farewell dinner for my #bro 💜 #byebye #dublin #instagood #instafood

A photo posted by Martina Branconi (@martinabranconi) on

Dinner for 2

A photo posted by Alexandra V (@andra_connect) on

3. Another week, another pretty picture of The Gasworks. This morning sunrise looks full of promise <3 Thanks for sharing Tero!

4. Juniors launched a new Spring Dinner Menu this week and, like everything they do, the standard is incredibly high. From prawns to lamb rump, goats cheese to ribeye, we want to try everything! The World and it’s mother knows that Juniors are the king of sandwiches, but as this menu shows, Juniors is for life not just for Christmas lunches!

5. Finally, this week we’re loving this new graffiti down in the Docklands. “The Liffey Cuts Through The City Like A Meandering Blue Vein”. Dublin you’re only gorgeous.

A photo posted by 🐒 (@leo_ruas) on


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The Lovin Dublin Awards

This May, Lovin Dublin will be presenting some very special awards to the best in the Dublin food scene and a number of our local businesses have made the shortlists!

The Lovin Dublin Restaurant Awards, In Association With Estrella Damm, take place on 3 May in the Morrison Hotel. In advance they’re asking for your vote on Dublin’s best  restaurants, brunches, lunches, cups of coffee, gastropubs, tapas, chefs, pizzas and much more.

Here’s a rundown of the local Beggars Bush businesses that are in the running:

Best Burger – Farmer Browns Market & Eatery

@farmerbrownsdublin #brunch goals #dublin

A photo posted by James. (@jammyd) on

Best Gastropub: The Chop House Bar & Restaurant

Steak Night #steak #night #dinner #instafood #hyghanz #dublin #food #ribeye #meat #instafoodie #latergram

A photo posted by Daniel Bendix (@bendixcph) on

Best Gastropub: The Old Spot

Best Pizza: Paulie’s

If you believe that any of our local contenders are worthy winners, click the links above to give them your vote!