Many people are asking what is this Beggars Bush D4 thing. It’s whatever you┬ámake it. It is the name that was chosen to represent the five-way junction which is at the centre of this area that has blossomed so beautifully.

Remember, the area got its name from the outlaws raiding the carriages en route to the barges on the canal. The time has come for us to make our own history. It’s about getting those that live, work and play in @BeggarsBushD4 to get on the same page and write that history collectively.

Together we can do extraordinary things. We can generate a social bond based on achieving small community based objectives that can make us a glowing example of residents, workers, businesses and visitors working together.

But it takes people. It takes YOU.

Is your business in Beggars Bush D4? If so, get in touch and get involved – email