Beggars Bush D4 is a finalist for national title of ‘Best Connected Community’

We are thrilled to announce that Beggars Bush, Dublin 4 is a finalist at the national LAMA Community and Council Awards 2017 in the category of ‘Best Connected Community’.beggars-bush-prmayer2-large

The Local Authority Member Awards (LAMA) highlights the work done by communities and councils all over Ireland, bringing national recognition to projects and developments that may otherwise go unrecognised.

The Best Connected Community awards recognises “the community that is connected to councils, businesses and each other, can access services easily and quickly and communicate activities and events taking place in the area with the click of a mouse.”

Local member of the business group, Kevin Arundel of The Chop House said, “Over the past few years the Beggars Bush business group has grown into a thriving network of active and engaged stakeholders. We all feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the vibrant community of Beggars Bush which is an area of great vitality and abundant community spirit. To have our community recognised on a national level is incredibly heartening”.

Fingers crossed for the awards ceremony on February 4th!

Christmas Holidays | Beggars Bush D4 Opening Hours

Sun 25th and 26th: Closed
Open by appointment all other days


Farmer Browns
Sat 24th – 26th: Closed
Tue 27th -30th: Closed for dinner
Sat 31st: Closed
Sun 1st: Closed
Jan 2nd – 3rd: Closed for dinner

Sat 24th – 27th: Closed
Wed 28th: Open for brunch 9.30am – 3.30pm
Thur 29th: Open for brunch 9.30am – 3.30pm
Fri 30th: Open for brunch 9.30am – 3.30pm
Sat 31st: Open for brunch 9.30am – 3.30pm
Sun 1st: Closed


Sat 24th – 27th: Closed
Wed 28th: Open for dinner
Thur 29th: Open for brunch and dinner
Fri 30th: Open for brunch and dinner
Sat 31st: Open for brunch and dinner


Closing for Chistmas Friday 23rd December and reopening Tuesday 2nd January

O’Connors Pharmacy
Fri 23rd: 8am – 8pm
Sat 24th: 9am – 6pm
Sun 25th -27th: Closed
Wed 28th: 9am – 5pm
Thur 29th: 9am – 5pm
Fri 30th: 9am – 5pm
Sat 31st: 9am – 5pm
Sun 1st & 2nd: Closed

Tues 3rd: 8am – 8pm
Paulie’s Pizza
Sat 24th – 27th: Closed
Wed 28th: Open from 3pm
Thur 29th: Open from 3pm
Fri 30th: Open from 3pm
Sat 31st: Open from 3pm

Presto Chipper
Sat 24th: Open until 9pm
Sun 25th & 26th: Closed
Tue 27th: Open at 3pm
Wed 28th: Normal opening hours
Thur 29th: Normal opening hours
Fri 30th: Normal opening hours
Sat 31st: Open until 9pm
Sun 1st: Open at 3pm

Slatterys Pub
Wed 21st: 12pm – 11.30pm
Thur 22nd: 12pm – 11.30pm
Fri 23rd: 12pm – 12.30am
Sat 24th – 27th: Closed
Wed 28th: 3pm – 11.30pm
Thur 29th: 3pm – 11.30pm
Fri 30th: 3pm – 12.30am
Sat 31st: 12pm -12.30pm
Sun 1st: Normal hours resumed

Fri 23rd: Normal opening hours
Sat 24th – 26th: Closed
Tue 27th: 9am – 6pm
Wed 28th: Normal hours
Thur 29th: Normal hours
Fri 30th: Normal hours
Sat 31st: 9am – 5pm
Sun 1st: 2pm – 6pm
Mon 2nd: 2pm – 6pm

The Bath
Sat 24th: Open from 11am
Sun 25th – 26th: Closed
Tues 27th – 31st: Open from 4pm
Sun 1st: Open from 12pm

The Chophouse
Sat 24th: Closed late lunch
Sun 25th – 27th: Closed
Wed 28th: Open for dinner
Thur 29th – Sun 1st: Open

The Crew
Sat 24th: 9am – 4.30pm
Sun 25th – 27th: Closed
Wed 28th – 30th: Open 9.30am – 7pm
Sat 31st: Open 9am – 7pm
Sun 1st & 2nd: Closed

The Old Spot
Sat 24th: Open from 12pm
Sun 25th – 26th: Closed
Tuesday 26th – 31st: Open for dinner from 5.30pm
Sun 1st: Open from 1pm
Mon 2nd: Open from 1pm

Whitewash Laundry Shop
Sat 24th: Closed at 3pm
Sun 25th – 26th: Closed
Tues 27th: Open 10am – 6pm
Wed 28th – 30th: Open 8am – 8pm
Sat 31st: Closed at 3pm
Sun 1st: Closed
Mon 2nd: Open 10am – 6pm
Thur 29th – Sun 1st: Open


A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Beggars Bush!

Alasta Motors – a top class family-run business

Owning a car is one of the most expensive every day drains on cash. From the big expenses like the initial purchase, insurance and tax to the everyday running costs like petrol/diesel and general maintenance to keep it roadworthy – it’s so very important to buy from a dealer that you can trust to take care of your vehicle long-term. Owned by father and son team Stanley and Andrew – Alasta Motors has a sterling reputation.

1. New and used cars

If you’re looking to buy a car, Alasta have a great selection of both new and used cars. The appointed main dealer of Chrysler, Jeep and Alfa Romeo, you can view their range on their website or at their show room on South Lotts Road.

2. One stop shop for car servicing

Great news! Alasta service all car makes and models. Whether you need an NCT,  something is rattling in the engine or a tyre has gone flat – the mechanics at Alasta have seen it all and can service it all.

3. Valet options galore

Your car is good to you, it gets you to work, it brings you on weekend trips, it helps you reach your goals every day and it doesn’t complain that you have it a stupid name like Betsy. Our point is that you owe your car. Your car deserves to drive down the road and have people give it an admiring glance, as they take in the sheen of the bonnet and the shine of the alloys. Depending on how much you love your car – Alasta offer a range of valets from the express package to the full shebang.

4. Reputation

In business since 1977, Alasta has earned itself a loyal clientele. People know that the team at Alasta are dependable which is golddust when it comes to finding a good car dealer. Lot’s of us aren’t that confident when it comes to the internal workings of our cars many of us can be afraid that we are being lied to or ripped off due to our lack of knowledge, but at Alasta, you know that you’re getting best service and the absolute truth. Isn’t it nice to find the good guys?

5. Above and Beyond

How many young car mad boys would love to have a custom birthday party in a car dealer? We’re guessing lots (and a few grownups too!) Well in 2015 Alasta opened their doors to Hugo and all his friends for what was surely the best birthday party ever! Check out the great time they had in this YouTube video:



Never have a bad hair day again thanks to The Crew

Nestled in the middle of South Lotts Road, The Crew is a bustling neighbourhood hairdresser with great service, incredible prices and a loyal clientele. Think you could use a faithful friend like The Crew on speed dial? Here are the top five reasons people return to The Crew again and again.

1. Cut, colour, style, and a shave

This is a hairdresser for all the family, whether it’s a blow dry for Mum, a quick hot towel shave for Dad or back-to-school trims for the kids, The Crew offer a comprehensive service to keep everyone looking groomed and gorgeous!


2. Prices at a snip

The price list at The Crew offers jaw-dropping value for money. A gent’s cut and hot towel shave will set you back €30 and a lady’s blow-dry just €20 making a trip to The Crew a very affordable luxury. Last minute dinner date on a Friday or big presentation coming in work? A quick confidence boosting visit to The Crew won’t break the bank.


3. Easy online booking

Life is hectic and anything that makes the daily toil a little easier is a winner with us! The Crew have a super sleek and easy online booking service that get’s to the point and secures you your booking with minimal fuss. Check it out here.


4. Great reviews

Just take a look at their Yelp profile – the team at The Crew know how to cut hair and provide a great service. Customer Elaine commented saying, “I may be shooting myself in the foot here by letting other females know that this is an excellent hair salon“…. it’s okay Elaine – your secret is safe with us!

Image taken from Yelp profile

5. Experienced professionals you can trust

Abdul, Merile and Olga are professionals you can trust. Open for six years, the team have trimmed, styled, dyed, cut and blow-dried the beautiful locks of over 9,000 customers!


There’s plenty to smile about at My Dental

Visiting the dentist? “I LOVE IT, it’s my favourite thing!” Said no one ever in the history of dental hygiene.

But, alas, dentist visits are a necessary requirement to modern day living, we all want healthy, shiny, lovely smiles and for that, it’s worth submitting to the dentist’s chair every once in a while.

If you’re on the lookout for a top class dentists there’s nowhere better to go than My Dental who are located (you guessed it!) right here in Beggars Bush.

1. Beloved by celebs

My Dental has a list of celebrity clientele that Brown Thomas would be jealous of. Their list of gorgeous clients includes; Suzanne Jackson, Nadia Forde, Andrea Roche , Janet Devlin, Holly Carpenter, Glenda Gilson and Sinead O’Connor to name but a few! It seems all the celebs have My Dental on speed dial and they have the beautiful smiles to prove it.

2. Bring your kids for free

It’s so important to start proper dental routines for your children from an early age, and to help you take the best care of your little ones, My Dental offer free dental care for the children of patients. This covers your child for a number of checkups, hygiene treatments, fillings and treatments each year!

3. Range of services

Options, options, options! At My Dental you will have a full suite of treatment plans to choose from. Need to fix your teeth but don’t want train tracks? Get the My Dental six month smile clear braces! Tired of wearing veneers? Get the My Dental “Teeth In A Day” treatment. With all the most modern treatment options available, My Dental will always have a plan to suit you.

Things are looking up for Mr.Kelly! 😆 No more gaps just full smiles ahead! #implant #loveyoursmile #smile #dentist #dublin

A photo posted by My Dental Ireland (@mydental_ireland) on

4. Reasonable prices and payment plan

Halleluiah! Affordable dentistry can be yours at My Dental. Thanks to their 0% Dental Finance, you can pay affordable rates over 3, 6 or 9 months making high quality dental care achievable. Car broke down for the third time this month? Attended ten weddings this summer? Bills piling up on your doormat? Don’t worry if money is tight, have a chat with the team in My Dental and they’ll go through all your options, offering you maximum flexibility.

5. They have a really cute Instagram

Okay so we’ve covered the important stuff, My Dental offers high quality, affordable treatments, they offer great perks, they care for your children’s teeth and they have tonnes of great recommendations from their clients. So can we talk about their social media now? Their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts are the perfect mix of informative and social with a really uplifting tone. I mean, they recently posted a Beyonce quote. BEYONCE. My Dental, we (and your 18,000 other followers) bow down to you.

Monday motivation 😍👍

A photo posted by My Dental Ireland (@mydental_ireland) on

The Worst Kept Secret of Beggars Bush – Junior’s Café and Deli

Usually, the combination of a small space and loads of people is a recipe for a headache. Somehow, the tiny Beggars Bush staple Junior’s manages to draw a crowd that feels less like a soul-sucking mob than a lovely community of sandwich lovers. Here’s why waiting in line at Junior’s is so incredibly worthwhile (and even a little magical).

Business as usual!

A photo posted by Juniors (@juniorsdelicafe) on

1. Sandwiches of lore

On my first day in Beggars Bush, a local showed me around the area and pointed out Junior’s as the best sandwich place in the neighbourhood (maybe even in all of Dublin). Since then, I’ve heard many awe-inspiring tales about their legendary sandwiches – and now that I’ve tried them, I can honestly say that they live up to the hype. The deli serves up high quality ingredients prepared with care, putting a twist on classic sandwich combinations (lemon and basil mayo, anyone?) . . . these big, hearty sandwiches indeed fit the bill of “New York style” fare, and do deserve to be discussed with a certain degree of reverence.

2. Order with abandon

Restaurants usually end up having a signature dish (aka, order their specialty or you’ll end up envying the smartie at your table who did while you pick at a subpar choice). Everything Junior’s does, they do well, which makes eating there feel incredibly freeing. So go ahead, order the craziest or most out of season dish on the menu! Feel the thrill that comes with ordering something unusual (with the security of knowing it’ll taste delicious)! Never before was it so easy to be a restaurant risk-taker. Go ahead, be bad, you dining daredevil.

Post event dinner! Legit. #acmetravels

A photo posted by Jessica Sophia Godfrey (@jessicagodfrey) on

3. Originality factor

Junior’s claims its inspiration as New York style deli by day, Italian café by night. Indeed, their menu reflects these unique influences and makes for a lunch and dinner experience you won’t find anywhere else. Instead of going out to eat at any old restaurant and ordering the usual, why not try for something a little different? Say “buongiorno” to a dining experience that’s out of the ordinary.

4. Deals (hooray!)

O, ye of little faith, I’ve spotted the glimmer of skepticism in your eye. “Suuuure,” you think, your brow furrowed with disbelief. “I bet the food is great . . . and greatly overpriced. ‘New York style’ is just a euphemism for overspending on a sandwich.”

Well, not so, you cynic! Junior’s sells all of their huge, filling sandwiches for under €7. Dinner is more expensive, with entrees coming in at around €20, but the price seems reasonable for the food quality. And, a tip for the savvy eater – Junior’s does a coffee and scone breakfast combo for just €3.75!

Blt, sultana orange and almond scone, croissant plus pancakes today surprise surprise! #brekkieisserved

A photo posted by Juniors (@juniorsdelicafe) on

5. Smiles all around

The real reason to go to Junior’s during the insane lunchtime rush (or for a delicious dinner) is the sense of community. Being packed in with the rest of the lunch crowd reveals that we, as humans, all have at least one thing in common: a love of sandwiches. As everyone gets in everyone else’s way and servers weave in and out with apologetic grins, it makes you feel like everyone in Junior’s is an old friend. (Who you may or may not accidentally bump into on your way to a sandwich.)


Why a Pint Tastes Better at Ryans Beggars Bush

There are hundreds and hundreds of pubs in Dublin, and picking a place to enjoy a Guinness is sometimes much more complicated than it needs to be. Well, let us take the guesswork out of your evening plans – Ryans Beggars Bush is an institution that’s been serving up great food and drink since 1913, and it’s a neighbourhood hotspot for a reason.

Cherry blossom storm in #Dublin!

A photo posted by Sidewalk Safari (@drj_sidewalksafari) on

1. Classic charm

Ryans is steeped in history, and it shows. There has been a pub on the site Ryans currently occupies since 1803, and it’s been owned by the Ryan family for over a century. The pub reflects this rich past – it embodies the feel of a classic Irish pub, and has that lovely old timey vibe that makes a pint that much more enjoyable.

Christmas drinks and tunes #christmas #irishpub

A photo posted by @cbonce on

2. All day all night

Anytime you need a bite or a drink, you can pop over to Ryans. They’re open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks, so you’ll be welcomed in at anytime. Plus, if you stop by for breakfast, you can try a yummy pastry (they get all their baked goods fresh from Bretzel Bakery).

Treats! (Photo credit: @le_globalista)

A photo posted by The Bretzel Bakery (@thebretzelbakery) on

3. Let’s get together

Ryans has a very friendly neighbourhood feel. It’s a place of community, and you’ll always feel welcome in the cosy bar or out on the patio. On any given day, you may find yourself in the company of faithful regulars, enthusiastic Ireland fans, wonderful couples and families out for a bite, and those seeking a lovely spot for a drink. Plus, you can further become a part of the Ryans community (and get out on the golf course) by joining their Golf Society.

Enjoying the beautiful day!

A photo posted by Andreza Antunes (@andrezaantunes) on

4. So good they put their name on it

The Ryan family have long standing associations with Irish Whiskey going back to a time when they bottled their own Ryan’s Malt which they produced in association with The Dublin Whiskey Distillery until the famous distillery closed its doors in 1946. To celebrate the Ryan’s Beggars Bush 100th Year Anniversary in 2013, the family identified an opportunity to revive their Jack Ryan’s Malt. In 2014 the whiskey was awarded the coveted title of ‘Best Irish single malt whiskey’ in the 12 years and younger category after beating off stiff competition at the prestigious Irish Whiskey awards ceremony. Clearly the Ryan family have some serious credentials!

Found some of your whiskey @jgrryan21 in a pub in Dublin! #goodwhiskey #dublin #beggarsbush

A photo posted by Justin Somerville (@justi227) on

5. Match days

On match days, it’s crucial to find a place to cheer on Ireland with fellow fans. If you’re seeking for a vibrant and spirited group, look no further than Ryans. The place is packed on game days, and the camaraderie is palpable. Go Ireland!

What more can I say? Even Google agrees that Ryans is simply one of the best.

The Old Spot should be your new spot

I walk past The Old Spot’s lovely blue exterior every day but until recently, hadn’t ever been inside. It’s one of those spots you hear about, and peruse the menu, and hem and haw over dates and times, but end up forgoing in favour of leftovers at home because you’re too lazy to go out to eat. Take it from someone who has recently eaten there for the first time – my only regret post-dinner at The Old Spot was that I hadn’t visited sooner. Here’s why I’ll be making another trip over as soon as possible, and you should too.

1. Dine in indulgent comfort

When it seems like a lot of work to get off the couch and go out for dinner, keep in mind that sinking into a booth at The Old Spot is just about as close as you’ll get to dinner in bed. The homely seats are cosy and soft – it’s impossible to be on edge when you’re snuggled up in one of their booths (feeling delightfully cocooned by the high seat backs). Give me a cushy seat, a drink, and a plate full of food, and I’m in heaven.

2. Check a hotspot off your list

It may be cosy inside, but don’t think that means that this Beggars Bush institution is musty or out of date. Quite the contrary, the dinner rush buzz made me feel – dare I say it – pretty trendy! Stepping inside, I felt welcomed by the familiar pub atmosphere, and fell in love with the odd collection of items that lined the walls. Books! Black and white drawings! An old clock! Somehow, the crowd of hip diners seemed just right for this perfectly lovely spot.

Brilliant atmosphere in The Old Spot today and we have perfect conditions for the game. Enjoy

A photo posted by The Old Spot (@the_old_spot_dublin) on

3. Mix it up

Enough about the ambiance. Let’s fast forward. I’m in, enjoying the atmosphere, loving the cool crowd, cuddling up in my booth. I pick up the drinks menu. And holy Hennessy, is the cocktail list impressive! If you’re looking to try something new instead of ordering yet another pint of Guinness*, this is the place to go. Anything on the drinks menu is sure to satisfy your eyes and your taste buds (read: the Instagram opportunity of a lifetime).

*Disclaimer: You love Guinness, I love Guinness. We all love Guinness. But it would not kill either one of us to try a cocktail once in a while. Have some fun, for Pete’s sake!

The Ultimate G&T #theoldspot #hendricks #cucumber #juniper #fevertreetonic #makeitadouble

A photo posted by The Old Spot (@the_old_spot_dublin) on

4. Pub food level: expert

Ah, pub food. That fickle mistress. Even when we get burned and end up paying way too much for a few slices of bread with ham between them, we keep going back for more. Pub food can be a gamble, but at The Old Spot, they’ve perfected the formula. Go for the fish and chips, or a good ol’ ribeye steak, and you won’t be disappointed. They’ve found the perfect mix of hearty and subtly delicious – gastropub is a title they’ve certainly earned – and they’ve got the Michelin recommendation to prove it.

5. Most importantly: they have goat cheese, and all that implies

Not only does The Old Spot serve up solid pub food, but they also offer mouth-watering combinations that will make you feel like a real foodie. When a list is required to properly explain the different flavours that go into a dish, you know you’re in for an exciting eating experience. This menu gets my Goat Cheese Stamp of Approval©, awarded to restaurants serving up interesting menu options (that actually taste good – in this case, positively delicious).

The scoop: go to The Old Spot for comfort and style, classic eats and fancy dishes, and to see a fish displayed in a glass case on the wall. Whether you’re grabbing lunch, dinner, or drinks, it’ll be a singular experience – I promise you that. And whatever you do – don’t miss out on their Sunday Lunch, it’s a thing of legends.


O’Connor’s Pharmacy – an Oasis in Beggars Bush

Chaos is all around us.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But the truth is, little daily disasters are unavoidable. And there’s no way to be prepared for every possible problem that could crop up on a given day.

In my opinion, far and away the best spot to head in a pinch is O’Connor’s Pharmacy. Over the years O’Connor’s has surprised me on so many occasions, there seems to be no end to their services, products, gift ideas, medical advice and treatments. Here are just a few ways O’Connor’s can help you make your way through the chaos of life!

1.Beauty remedies

Regardless of gender, we’ve all experienced the moment of sheer panic that follows breaking a nail or looking in the mirror and spotting an unseemly facial blemish. Luckily, in Beggars Bush, there’s no need to lose your head and go into hiding over a jagged nail or a breakout. O’Connor’s has a great selection of cosmetics and nail care products, and I’ve never been disappointed by my options or the price tag that comes along with them. Plus, if you’re looking to try out some new makeup or find an old favourite, this spot is perfect for a browse.

2. Gifting solutions

One of the worst feelings in the world is the moment you realize you’ve forgotten a birthday. Even if you’re one of those people who always knows when everyone’s birthday is, it can still be a real struggle finding a suitable gift that won’t leave you bankrupt. It may sound surprising, but O’Connor’s is a go-to gift spot for me – they often carry gift packages of yummy-smelling lotions and shampoos that anyone would love to receive (and will actually be able to use). These make perfect gifts, and can even satisfy friends and family who are particularly hard to shop for. Plus, O’Connor’s stocks cards for all occasions  and will wrap your gifts for free.

3. Medical fixes

I’m incredibly clumsy, so knowing where I can get bandages and other first aid items nearby is a must. O’Connor’s carries enough first aid supplies to satisfy even the most accident-prone klutz (they certainly get my stamp of approval). They also make filling prescriptions and picking up over-the-counter medicine easy – they offer a wide selection of products, and are staffed by pharmacists who can give you tailored medical advice (just one among a wide range of services the pharmacy offers). What’s more, it feels good to get great deals while supporting a local, independent business.


4. Lack of sun solved

Ireland’s constant cloud cover does not bode well for my tan (or lack thereof). Luckily, O’Connor’s carries a variety of self-tanning moisturizers that can help you get that sun-kissed summer glow, with no actual sunlight needed. Some even have SPF to protect you from UV rays (which can be even worse on a cloudy day than a sunny one). Also, if you are lucky enough to be jetting off to the sun you can get your passport photo taken in O’Connors – eazy peazy!

5.  Take care of yourself

You hear time and time again that it’s important to be proactive about your health, but it can be hard to know where to start. O’Connor’s makes looking after your health easy and simple. Their health professionals conduct check-ups on site and can give advice on medical concerns. Plus, they stock vitamins and daily supplements to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need.

The bottom line: consider stopping in O’Connor’s. Whether you’re in desperate need of a nail file or seeking a medical consultation, they’ll be able and happy to help you out. You can also check out O’Connor’s Facebook page – not only do they post deals and specials, but they also share articles and tips that relate to living a healthy lifestyle.


5 Reasons Farmer Browns is the Place to Be

Dreams. We’ve all got ‘em.

Growing up, sisters Grace and Finnuala dreamt of opening their very own restaurant. In 2012 they opened the doors to Farmer Brown’s, Bath Avenue where they serve up hearty dishes using local, home-grown Irish produce with an American twist. The love they have for their craft infuses every bite of food served up at Farmer Browns, and the attention to quality is apparent in each meal, making this restaurant a must.

1. Nutritious and delicious

Browse the Farmer Browns menu, and you’ll find yourself in a healthy food haven, where well-rounded meals are plenty and there’s enough quinoa and avocado to please even the most fervent health nuts. If you’re dining on a budget, no worries – pop in for lunch with plenty of yummy options under €10.

Our Moroccan salad is light and tasty and perfect for a day like today!

A photo posted by Farmer Browns (@farmerbrownsdublin) on

2.  Freshest food in town

“At Farmer Browns we believe that the best meat comes from happy animals and veggies should be grown without any pesticides or genetic modifications. And above everything it should all come from our beautiful Island.” – Farmer Browns’ website

Ugh, that is practically poetic. Restaurants this committed to sourcing great food are few and far between. Artisan, free range, organic, home-grown Irish produce? That’s alright with me. Plus, they grow their own herbs and vegetables in their little garden in front of the restaurant  (typical Irish weather permitting) to make sure only the best produce ends up on your plate.

Finding some delicious veggies for our special vegetarian tonight!!! #goodness #healthy

A photo posted by Farmer Browns (@farmerbrownsdublin) on

3. Brunch to your heart’s content

Ah, brunch, that magical time of day when the world seems to stop spinning as you relax (with close friends, family, a hot date, or even your dog) and indulge in yummy breakfast food and mimosas. If you really want a good meal, head over to Farmer Browns, the most recent recipient of Lovin Dublin’s Finest Brunch Award. What makes them the BEST brunch spot in the city? A menu that’s got a wide variety of options, tried and true favourite dishes like the Farmer Burger, and lovely indoor and outdoor seating options.

4. The family that eats together, stays together

When you have little kiddos, it can be really stressful to try to go out to eat. Top-tier restaurants can be unwelcoming to your unpredictable fun-sized bundles of joy, and it usually just doesn’t seem worth the effort to make it out for a subpar meal. Lucky for you, Farmer Browns welcome families with open arms, and their menu has enough variety to satisfy eaters of all tastes. So treat your family to a meal out – and treat yourself to a night free of washing dishes.


5. Liven up the office

Gray skies, long days at work, sleepy co-workers . . . what your office needs is a little time to re-energize and re-connect over some yummy food. The good news: Farmer Browns make up and deliver food direct to your door. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, you name it – they’ll whip up whatever dishes you fancy and run them over. Your new status: office superhero.


At the end of the day: We’re so thankful that Grace and Finnuala followed their dreams, because they provide us with heavenly, wholesome food. So pop in for a meal at Farmer Browns – experience for yourself what it’s like to eat fresh and if FOR SOME REASON you’re not in Beggar’s Bush – you can also visit their new outlet in Rathmines!