We’ll set the scene… It’s early morning and your alarm goes off. The moment you open your eyes, two things become incredibly, vitally clear. One: the day can’t start until you have a decent cup of coffee and a bite to eat. And two: this afternoon, you will be in desperate need of a lunch so delicious that it carries you through the rest of the work day and has you saying, “It’s five o’clock already?” and whistling on your way home.

The question is, where do you obtain said life-saving coffee, breakfast, and lunch without walking miles and miles or paying an arm and a leg? As a relative newcomer to the Beggars Bush area who has been obsessed with answering this question, let me make a recommendation. After roaming the neighbourhood and exploring all options imaginable, I’ve come to the conclusion that Foodgame is the place to be.

Me: “Act natural! Like I’m not taking a picture of you!”

Me: “Act natural! Like I’m not taking a picture of you!”

1. Commitment to quality

Let me start off by saying this – the food at Foodgame is good. Like really, really good. Go-to-Foodgame-for-your-birthday-brunch good. Plus, the selection (at breakfast, brunch, and lunch) is killer. Chicken and chorizo sandwich? French omelette on toast? SIGNATURE HOMEMADE BRUSCHETTA? Yes please, we’ll have one of everything. What’s more, all the food is locally sourced and prepared fresh each day! Buying local has never been this delicious.

There are no words to describe just how much I love this salad.

There are no words to describe just how much I love this salad.

2. Convenience is key

Foodgame is located right in the beating heart of Beggar’s Bush, a stone’s throw away from a grocery shop, laundry shop, pharmacy, and more. Plus, their options for a take away breakfast are positively heavenly. They make scones fresh each day, and will load them up with butter and jam on your behalf so you can eat with ease on the go. Plus, they have a really yummy coffee menu. My favourite way to start the day is with a Foodgame scone and Americano (added bonus: a morning spent in a happy coffee-and-pastry glow will only set you back €3.95).

Coffee is love, coffee is life.

#ariosacoffee and #scone …Sometimes it's the small things that make the big difference

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3. See and be seen

Foodgame has one of the most vibrant lunch crowds in Beggar’s Bush – it’s always buzzing with chatty and lively diners, but never feels overcrowded. Even if you’re eating alone, posting up inside Foodgame or out on the patio puts you right into the center of the lunch rush. And it lets you satisfy your mid-day meal requirement in style.

A moment of quiet before the lunch rush hits – admiring all the cosy little spots to snuggle up with your soup and salad.

A moment of quiet before the lunch rush hits – admiring all the cosy little spots to snuggle up with your soup and salad.

4. Sandwiches as a science

The lovely sandwich artisans at Foodgame truly understand the makeup of a perfect sandwich. Order one, and you’ll be served a satisfying mix of only the finest meats and vegetables (or just the veggies – for you herbivores) between two pieces of delicious, toasted, buttery bread. Hand crafted in house, these edible masterpieces are never less than stellar, and they even come at a reasonable price – starting at €5. Lunch, anyone?

5. Good vibes

Long story short: the food at Foodgame is delicious, the prices are reasonable, the variety is great, the other diners are fun, blah blah blah. You may well ask, “But what REALLY makes Foodgame special? What sets it apart? What makes you gush about Foodgame with such an inspiring joie de vivre?”

So here it is – the coolest thing about Foodgame is the atmosphere set by the staff. They’re always friendly, accommodating, efficient, and concerned with getting your order just right so that you have the best experience possible.

But don’t think they’re all business – there’s something about the Foodgame attitude that can put things in perspective and make you feel like you don’t have to take everything so seriously. Maybe it’s the funny chalkboard messages out in front of the shop. Maybe it’s the staff members who are willing to dress up in silly outfits for any and all special occasions. Or maybe it’s just being greeted with a smile that makes you feel like you could take 15 minutes to order and ask for something horribly complicated and you’d still be treated like royalty. Regardless, Foodgame is a spot where you can feed your appetite and feel a little more human on even the most stressful of days.

So go forth, and get a sandwich. You won’t regret it.


This week’s BBD4 Business In Focus Post was written by Lucie Lyon.

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