Usually, the combination of a small space and loads of people is a recipe for a headache. Somehow, the tiny Beggars Bush staple Junior’s manages to draw a crowd that feels less like a soul-sucking mob than a lovely community of sandwich lovers. Here’s why waiting in line at Junior’s is so incredibly worthwhile (and even a little magical).

Business as usual!

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1. Sandwiches of lore

On my first day in Beggars Bush, a local showed me around the area and pointed out Junior’s as the best sandwich place in the neighbourhood (maybe even in all of Dublin). Since then, I’ve heard many awe-inspiring tales about their legendary sandwiches – and now that I’ve tried them, I can honestly say that they live up to the hype. The deli serves up high quality ingredients prepared with care, putting a twist on classic sandwich combinations (lemon and basil mayo, anyone?) . . . these big, hearty sandwiches indeed fit the bill of “New York style” fare, and do deserve to be discussed with a certain degree of reverence.

2. Order with abandon

Restaurants usually end up having a signature dish (aka, order their specialty or you’ll end up envying the smartie at your table who did while you pick at a subpar choice). Everything Junior’s does, they do well, which makes eating there feel incredibly freeing. So go ahead, order the craziest or most out of season dish on the menu! Feel the thrill that comes with ordering something unusual (with the security of knowing it’ll taste delicious)! Never before was it so easy to be a restaurant risk-taker. Go ahead, be bad, you dining daredevil.

Post event dinner! Legit. #acmetravels

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3. Originality factor

Junior’s claims its inspiration as New York style deli by day, Italian café by night. Indeed, their menu reflects these unique influences and makes for a lunch and dinner experience you won’t find anywhere else. Instead of going out to eat at any old restaurant and ordering the usual, why not try for something a little different? Say “buongiorno” to a dining experience that’s out of the ordinary.

4. Deals (hooray!)

O, ye of little faith, I’ve spotted the glimmer of skepticism in your eye. “Suuuure,” you think, your brow furrowed with disbelief. “I bet the food is great . . . and greatly overpriced. ‘New York style’ is just a euphemism for overspending on a sandwich.”

Well, not so, you cynic! Junior’s sells all of their huge, filling sandwiches for under €7. Dinner is more expensive, with entrees coming in at around €20, but the price seems reasonable for the food quality. And, a tip for the savvy eater – Junior’s does a coffee and scone breakfast combo for just €3.75!

Blt, sultana orange and almond scone, croissant plus pancakes today surprise surprise! #brekkieisserved

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5. Smiles all around

The real reason to go to Junior’s during the insane lunchtime rush (or for a delicious dinner) is the sense of community. Being packed in with the rest of the lunch crowd reveals that we, as humans, all have at least one thing in common: a love of sandwiches. As everyone gets in everyone else’s way and servers weave in and out with apologetic grins, it makes you feel like everyone in Junior’s is an old friend. (Who you may or may not accidentally bump into on your way to a sandwich.)


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