When you’ve got a project, big or small, managing publicity yourself can be really overwhelming. Whether you’ve a business, event, or film to promote, Limelight Communications can take the stress of promotions off your plate. They have the know-how and energy to make your project sparkle and generate lots of positive buzz with Irish consumers. Read on below for five ways Limelight Communications can make sure you are firmly in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

1.Imagination station

At Limelight, they realize that each account is unique, and are able to tailor their approach to fit your needs. Free from the constraints of a cookie-cutter approach, Limelight make good use of their creativity to come up with fun promotions that are sure to reach your target audience. Rest assured that you won’t be presented with boring, stale ideas – Limelight are incredible at coming up with lovely one-of-a-kind stunts, events, and promotional strategies.


2. A job done right

Limelight employs a top-notch team that have the experience, connections, and know-how to execute their stellar ideas. These pros know exactly what needs to be done and the most efficient way to do it, so you can be sure that no details will slip through the cracks. Working with Limelight, you’re going to get results.


3. All shapes and sizes

Whether your project or business is mega-huge or teeny-tiny, it’ll be safe in Limelight’s hands. A boutique agency, Limelight can tailor it’s services to suit your project, whether you’re launching your first book, looking to lobby the government or you need crisis PR for a multinational corporation, they do it all and give each project the intense love and dedication it deserves.

4. Know your audience

Limelight Communications has been providing top notch corporate & consumer PR, event management and public affairs services for over a decade, so they are very in-tune with Irish consumers and audiences. Not only do they have all the industry contacts you could need, but they also know what it takes to put on an event that people will actually attend and enjoy, or run a promotion that will entice entries and generate buzz. There’s no point to promotions if you don’t reach consumers, and Limelight will make sure that you get the audience you need.

5. Love what you do (and they will too)

At Limelight, they know that you really care about your project, and are invested in your success. Instead of dealing with a massive PR company that just sees you as another number, it makes sense to bring Limelight onto the team so that your project is promoted with enthusiasm and passion.


Here’s the deal: Limelight Communications is the way to go for all your PR needs. Seriously. Their skill for PR, coupled with the dedication and creativity they bring to each project, make them an obvious choice for any promotional work you have. Take the stress off your plate, and leave it to the pros Limelight. It’ll be the best choice you ever make.