I walk past The Old Spot’s lovely blue exterior every day but until recently, hadn’t ever been inside. It’s one of those spots you hear about, and peruse the menu, and hem and haw over dates and times, but end up forgoing in favour of leftovers at home because you’re too lazy to go out to eat. Take it from someone who has recently eaten there for the first time – my only regret post-dinner at The Old Spot was that I hadn’t visited sooner. Here’s why I’ll be making another trip over as soon as possible, and you should too.

1. Dine in indulgent comfort

When it seems like a lot of work to get off the couch and go out for dinner, keep in mind that sinking into a booth at The Old Spot is just about as close as you’ll get to dinner in bed. The homely seats are cosy and soft – it’s impossible to be on edge when you’re snuggled up in one of their booths (feeling delightfully cocooned by the high seat backs). Give me a cushy seat, a drink, and a plate full of food, and I’m in heaven.

2. Check a hotspot off your list

It may be cosy inside, but don’t think that means that this Beggars Bush institution is musty or out of date. Quite the contrary, the dinner rush buzz made me feel – dare I say it – pretty trendy! Stepping inside, I felt welcomed by the familiar pub atmosphere, and fell in love with the odd collection of items that lined the walls. Books! Black and white drawings! An old clock! Somehow, the crowd of hip diners seemed just right for this perfectly lovely spot.

Brilliant atmosphere in The Old Spot today and we have perfect conditions for the game. Enjoy

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3. Mix it up

Enough about the ambiance. Let’s fast forward. I’m in, enjoying the atmosphere, loving the cool crowd, cuddling up in my booth. I pick up the drinks menu. And holy Hennessy, is the cocktail list impressive! If you’re looking to try something new instead of ordering yet another pint of Guinness*, this is the place to go. Anything on the drinks menu is sure to satisfy your eyes and your taste buds (read: the Instagram opportunity of a lifetime).

*Disclaimer: You love Guinness, I love Guinness. We all love Guinness. But it would not kill either one of us to try a cocktail once in a while. Have some fun, for Pete’s sake!

The Ultimate G&T #theoldspot #hendricks #cucumber #juniper #fevertreetonic #makeitadouble

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4. Pub food level: expert

Ah, pub food. That fickle mistress. Even when we get burned and end up paying way too much for a few slices of bread with ham between them, we keep going back for more. Pub food can be a gamble, but at The Old Spot, they’ve perfected the formula. Go for the fish and chips, or a good ol’ ribeye steak, and you won’t be disappointed. They’ve found the perfect mix of hearty and subtly delicious – gastropub is a title they’ve certainly earned – and they’ve got the Michelin recommendation to prove it.

5. Most importantly: they have goat cheese, and all that implies

Not only does The Old Spot serve up solid pub food, but they also offer mouth-watering combinations that will make you feel like a real foodie. When a list is required to properly explain the different flavours that go into a dish, you know you’re in for an exciting eating experience. This menu gets my Goat Cheese Stamp of Approval©, awarded to restaurants serving up interesting menu options (that actually taste good – in this case, positively delicious).

The scoop: go to The Old Spot for comfort and style, classic eats and fancy dishes, and to see a fish displayed in a glass case on the wall. Whether you’re grabbing lunch, dinner, or drinks, it’ll be a singular experience – I promise you that. And whatever you do – don’t miss out on their Sunday Lunch, it’s a thing of legends.


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