Chaos is all around us.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But the truth is, little daily disasters are unavoidable. And there’s no way to be prepared for every possible problem that could crop up on a given day.

In my opinion, far and away the best spot to head in a pinch is O’Connor’s Pharmacy. Over the years O’Connor’s has surprised me on so many occasions, there seems to be no end to their services, products, gift ideas, medical advice and treatments. Here are just a few ways O’Connor’s can help you make your way through the chaos of life!

1.Beauty remedies

Regardless of gender, we’ve all experienced the moment of sheer panic that follows breaking a nail or looking in the mirror and spotting an unseemly facial blemish. Luckily, in Beggars Bush, there’s no need to lose your head and go into hiding over a jagged nail or a breakout. O’Connor’s has a great selection of cosmetics and nail care products, and I’ve never been disappointed by my options or the price tag that comes along with them. Plus, if you’re looking to try out some new makeup or find an old favourite, this spot is perfect for a browse.

2. Gifting solutions

One of the worst feelings in the world is the moment you realize you’ve forgotten a birthday. Even if you’re one of those people who always knows when everyone’s birthday is, it can still be a real struggle finding a suitable gift that won’t leave you bankrupt. It may sound surprising, but O’Connor’s is a go-to gift spot for me – they often carry gift packages of yummy-smelling lotions and shampoos that anyone would love to receive (and will actually be able to use). These make perfect gifts, and can even satisfy friends and family who are particularly hard to shop for. Plus, O’Connor’s stocks cards for all occasions  and will wrap your gifts for free.

3. Medical fixes

I’m incredibly clumsy, so knowing where I can get bandages and other first aid items nearby is a must. O’Connor’s carries enough first aid supplies to satisfy even the most accident-prone klutz (they certainly get my stamp of approval). They also make filling prescriptions and picking up over-the-counter medicine easy – they offer a wide selection of products, and are staffed by pharmacists who can give you tailored medical advice (just one among a wide range of services the pharmacy offers). What’s more, it feels good to get great deals while supporting a local, independent business.


4. Lack of sun solved

Ireland’s constant cloud cover does not bode well for my tan (or lack thereof). Luckily, O’Connor’s carries a variety of self-tanning moisturizers that can help you get that sun-kissed summer glow, with no actual sunlight needed. Some even have SPF to protect you from UV rays (which can be even worse on a cloudy day than a sunny one). Also, if you are lucky enough to be jetting off to the sun you can get your passport photo taken in O’Connors – eazy peazy!

5.  Take care of yourself

You hear time and time again that it’s important to be proactive about your health, but it can be hard to know where to start. O’Connor’s makes looking after your health easy and simple. Their health professionals conduct check-ups on site and can give advice on medical concerns. Plus, they stock vitamins and daily supplements to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need.

The bottom line: consider stopping in O’Connor’s. Whether you’re in desperate need of a nail file or seeking a medical consultation, they’ll be able and happy to help you out. You can also check out O’Connor’s Facebook page – not only do they post deals and specials, but they also share articles and tips that relate to living a healthy lifestyle.