Fact No. 1: No one likes to do laundry.

Fact No. 2: 99.99% of us, even Brad Pitt, must do laundry anyway.

These facts reveal a tragic truth about the modern condition. Despite the fact that we all hate doing laundry, societal standards require us to wear clean (enough) clothes out in public. So the question becomes: if I’m going to have to do laundry, what’s the most efficient way?

If you’re like me, you’re trying to get your clothes as clean as possible without totally destroying them, while also getting good value for money and maximizing your productivity in regards to time spent. My pick for laundry, be it a regular wash and dry, specialty cleaning, or dry cleaning is (drumroll, please) . . .  is WhiteWash on Grand Canal Street!

Here’s why.

1.Real talk

Let’s cut to the chase. None of us regular Joes really know how to do laundry. Sure, we pretend to read the labels and separate lights and darks (on occasion). But if we’re honest, we’ve all lost a jumper or two in our time to the whims of the wash and dry process. It seems pointless to expect all of our clothes to make it through cleaning without a few casualties. But, there is an answer! You really can expect more from your laundry! At WhiteWash, they’ve seen about everything there is to see, and can give you expert advice on all things laundry. Lace laundering! Denim laundering! Money laundering! (They can advise on at least two of the three.)


2.R&R (Repairs & Renovations)

A hole has appeared in your favourite cardigan. Just like that, you are plunged into the depths of despair. None of your outfits work anymore – there’s really no point in even trying. You trudge around in sweatpants, having given up on fashion forever.

The good news – WhiteWash employs an experienced tailor who will repair or alter your clothes with the TLC (thread-loving care) that they deserve. Live life dangerously in the most delicate of garments – you’ve got a tailor in your back pocket!


3. The more you give, the more you get

Another reason to make WhiteWash your go-to: they have a tasty customer loyalty program. For every €100 you spend, you get €10 towards your next order. Me and ol’ WhiteWash., we’re in it for the long haul. Is it too soon for friendship bracelets?


4. Deals lurking around every corner

Savings opportunities galore! Every so often, WhiteWash posts special offers online that run for three weeks. Plus, their price system for individual loads is a game-changer – they charge based on weight, so you’ll pay the same amount to separate your lights and darks using two machines as you would to shove them all in one and hope for the best. Being a responsible adult: made possible by WhiteWash.

5. All of the above in the best location

So, now for the big question. How can you be most efficient with your time? The laundry process takes about an hour and a half, and midway through that you have to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer. The best thing about WhiteWash, in my humble opinion, it its proximity to other shops and services. While you wait, you can grab a coffee at Press, go for a sandwich at Food Game, grab groceries at Lotts & Co, pick up toiletries at O’Connor’s, or even go for a walk by Grand Canal. I love being able to get away from the hum of laundry machines and get shopping done or take some me time while my clothes are cleaned. With the help of WhiteWash, you’ll be a laundry expert in no time, and you’ll always be outfitted to perfection (or at least in clothes that aren’t dirty, ripped, or ill-fitting). Laundry goals: achieved.


(PS. WhiteWash Laundry aren’t just in Beggars Bush –  they also have an outlet in The Village Square Tallaght!)

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