In some ways, Lotts & Co defies classification. They’re a posh grocer, an upscale deli, a fresh produce haven, a coffee oasis, a mouth-watering bakery, and a top-notch lunch spot. Read on to understand why this unique shop is worth a stop.

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1. Perfect produce

If you’re going to make the effort to eat your fruits and veggies, it makes no sense to skimp on quality. Lotts has a mouth-watering selection of organic produce – they carry just about everything under the sun, and their rainbow variety of perfectly ripe fruits and vegetables just may make a health nut out of you yet.

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2. Splendid sandwiches

In search of a healthy, satisfying, reasonably priced lunch? Insider tip: Lotts serves up a soup of the day, a variety of salads (plus meat, upon request), and made-to-order sandwiches daily, using fresh and delicious ingredients. They even cook up delicious rotisserie chicken in house! Plus, this one stop shop has your back for all lunchtime wishes – if your sandwich seems a little lonely, you can pick up coffee, some fruit, or even a pastry or chocolate to keep it company. Need lunch brought into the office? No worries, they cater! Be a star among your co-workers by arranging for a delicious selection of goodies to be brought in from Lotts.

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3. Great grocery

You could spend hours exploring Lotts’ grocery selection and still find new surprises. In addition to all the expected dietary staples, they offer delicacies like Skippy peanut butter, a great selection of international wines, and even a variety of sustainably caught fish! Find a favourite brand, or try something new . . . there’s no end to the great-tasting (and good-for-you!) food you can find in Lotts.

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4. Tantalizing treats

Lotts’ coffee and pastries are majorly dangerous. As in, virtually irresistible. Their coffee is delicious and comes from the super local micro roastery, Cloud Picker. Their selection of tarts and other treats can satisfy even the most selective sweet tooth. They also have an incredible range of alternative treats – from gluten free to low-fat and sugar free to protein laden – you’ll have lotts of options!

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5. Adorable aesthetics

Lotts is simply a lovely place to be. Perusing the aisles is a delight, and once you’ve selected your food, they’ve lots of comfy spots to snack, read, or do a little work. Inside, you’ll find a cushioned window nook, and if the weather’s nice you can grab a seat on the benches outside. Calm, quiet, cosy – Lotts is a one-stop-shop of high quality goods with tonnes of personality.

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Honest to goodness, Lotts is a world class establishment. Stamp of approval: granted.