Dreams. We’ve all got ‘em.

Growing up, sisters Grace and Finnuala dreamt of opening their very own restaurant. In 2012 they opened the doors to Farmer Brown’s, Bath Avenue where they serve up hearty dishes using local, home-grown Irish produce with an American twist. The love they have for their craft infuses every bite of food served up at Farmer Browns, and the attention to quality is apparent in each meal, making this restaurant a must.

1. Nutritious and delicious

Browse the Farmer Browns menu, and you’ll find yourself in a healthy food haven, where well-rounded meals are plenty and there’s enough quinoa and avocado to please even the most fervent health nuts. If you’re dining on a budget, no worries – pop in for lunch with plenty of yummy options under €10.

Our Moroccan salad is light and tasty and perfect for a day like today!

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2.  Freshest food in town

“At Farmer Browns we believe that the best meat comes from happy animals and veggies should be grown without any pesticides or genetic modifications. And above everything it should all come from our beautiful Island.” – Farmer Browns’ website

Ugh, that is practically poetic. Restaurants this committed to sourcing great food are few and far between. Artisan, free range, organic, home-grown Irish produce? That’s alright with me. Plus, they grow their own herbs and vegetables in their little garden in front of the restaurant  (typical Irish weather permitting) to make sure only the best produce ends up on your plate.

Finding some delicious veggies for our special vegetarian tonight!!! #goodness #healthy

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3. Brunch to your heart’s content

Ah, brunch, that magical time of day when the world seems to stop spinning as you relax (with close friends, family, a hot date, or even your dog) and indulge in yummy breakfast food and mimosas. If you really want a good meal, head over to Farmer Browns, the most recent recipient of Lovin Dublin’s Finest Brunch Award. What makes them the BEST brunch spot in the city? A menu that’s got a wide variety of options, tried and true favourite dishes like the Farmer Burger, and lovely indoor and outdoor seating options.

4. The family that eats together, stays together

When you have little kiddos, it can be really stressful to try to go out to eat. Top-tier restaurants can be unwelcoming to your unpredictable fun-sized bundles of joy, and it usually just doesn’t seem worth the effort to make it out for a subpar meal. Lucky for you, Farmer Browns welcome families with open arms, and their menu has enough variety to satisfy eaters of all tastes. So treat your family to a meal out – and treat yourself to a night free of washing dishes.


5. Liven up the office

Gray skies, long days at work, sleepy co-workers . . . what your office needs is a little time to re-energize and re-connect over some yummy food. The good news: Farmer Browns make up and deliver food direct to your door. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, you name it – they’ll whip up whatever dishes you fancy and run them over. Your new status: office superhero.


At the end of the day: We’re so thankful that Grace and Finnuala followed their dreams, because they provide us with heavenly, wholesome food. So pop in for a meal at Farmer Browns – experience for yourself what it’s like to eat fresh and if FOR SOME REASON you’re not in Beggar’s Bush – you can also visit their new outlet in Rathmines!