Printing – something we do all the time, but never really think about. Printing needs can be small, like memo-printed-on-standard-paper-size-small. Or they can be huge, like massive-vinyl-banner-huge. With big projects, the stakes are high, and only the best printers will do. My Beggars Bush pick for all printing needs, large and tiny? Paceprint – here are five reasons why.

1. Print anything under the sun

Sometimes, text on standard A4 paper just isn’t going to meet your needs. You want posters! Point of sale displays! Newsletters! Stationery! Menus, folders, FLYERS, BOOKLETS! Well, with the help of Paceprint, your wildest printing dreams can now come true. Paceprint have the capacity to print all of the above, and more.

2. Need for speed

We’ve all had printing emergencies. Absent-mindedness strikes, a colleague fails to follow through, or a spill happens in the wrong place at the wrong time – and all of a sudden the world crumbles down around you. An easy way to avoid the panic of printing disasters? Keep Paceprint in your back pocket for a rainy day. They work hard to ensure a fast turnaround on services (even offering a three-day guarantee) and utilise courier delivery for emergency jobs. Deadlines: met.


3. Crystal clear

Frustration levels are bound to peak when your printer at home decides to go on the fritz – jamming, printing in funky colours, beeping endlessly just to annoy the heck out of you. The great thing about Paceprint is that you don’t have to deal with printer struggles, and you get a top-notch product every time. Print quality is always crisp, clean, and error-free. #FLAWLESS

4. Perfect prints at your fingertips

Paceprint is located just off Bath Avenue, smack dab in the middle of the neighbourhood. They’re a stone’s throw away from food stores, a laundry shop, the pharmacy, the dentist, a hairdressers and numerous lunch spots, so it’s easy to get all of your errands done in one go and grab a bite to eat while you’re at it.

5. Get up to date

Paceprint are paper and ink experts – and they’ll bring you up to speed so you can be one, too. Just take a look at their website to brush up on some simple printer knowledge, and call or pop in for personalized advice. It’s always nice to know that your project is in good hands.


When all is said and printed: Paceprint make printing easy, quick, and painless. They’re the ones to help you realize those painstaking projects – they’ll take your hours of hard work and turn it into something tangible. Mission accomplished!