Why We Love Lotts a Lot

In some ways, Lotts & Co defies classification. They’re a posh grocer, an upscale deli, a fresh produce haven, a coffee oasis, a mouth-watering bakery, and a top-notch lunch spot. Read on to understand why this unique shop is worth a stop.

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1. Perfect produce

If you’re going to make the effort to eat your fruits and veggies, it makes no sense to skimp on quality. Lotts has a mouth-watering selection of organic produce – they carry just about everything under the sun, and their rainbow variety of perfectly ripe fruits and vegetables just may make a health nut out of you yet.

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2. Splendid sandwiches

In search of a healthy, satisfying, reasonably priced lunch? Insider tip: Lotts serves up a soup of the day, a variety of salads (plus meat, upon request), and made-to-order sandwiches daily, using fresh and delicious ingredients. They even cook up delicious rotisserie chicken in house! Plus, this one stop shop has your back for all lunchtime wishes – if your sandwich seems a little lonely, you can pick up coffee, some fruit, or even a pastry or chocolate to keep it company. Need lunch brought into the office? No worries, they cater! Be a star among your co-workers by arranging for a delicious selection of goodies to be brought in from Lotts.

Freshly made delicious sambos before or after the Ireland rugby game today @ Lotts&Co! 🇮🇪🏉💚

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3. Great grocery

You could spend hours exploring Lotts’ grocery selection and still find new surprises. In addition to all the expected dietary staples, they offer delicacies like Skippy peanut butter, a great selection of international wines, and even a variety of sustainably caught fish! Find a favourite brand, or try something new . . . there’s no end to the great-tasting (and good-for-you!) food you can find in Lotts.

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4. Tantalizing treats

Lotts’ coffee and pastries are majorly dangerous. As in, virtually irresistible. Their coffee is delicious and comes from the super local micro roastery, Cloud Picker. Their selection of tarts and other treats can satisfy even the most selective sweet tooth. They also have an incredible range of alternative treats – from gluten free to low-fat and sugar free to protein laden – you’ll have lotts of options!

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5. Adorable aesthetics

Lotts is simply a lovely place to be. Perusing the aisles is a delight, and once you’ve selected your food, they’ve lots of comfy spots to snack, read, or do a little work. Inside, you’ll find a cushioned window nook, and if the weather’s nice you can grab a seat on the benches outside. Calm, quiet, cosy – Lotts is a one-stop-shop of high quality goods with tonnes of personality.

Lotts People Watching Bench!! Sit, relax & watch the world go by @lottsandco ❤️😊

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Honest to goodness, Lotts is a world class establishment. Stamp of approval: granted.


Slattery’s Pub: The local we all deserve

If you’ve ever been out in Beggar’s Bush in the evening, you’ve seen proof that plenty of people love to gather at Slattery’s for chat and a pint. However, what may not be as apparent  to the uninitiated, is just why this pub is such a hot spot. Allow me clue you in on just some of the reasons Slattery’s is an establishment that sees people return again and again.

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1. World-class sports bar

Calling all sports fans, fun-lovers, and anyone with a pulse! On match days, Slattery’s is the place to be. Even their five high-def projectors and outdoor screens sometimes seem to be forgotten in the excitement and camaraderie of the crowd. Support Ireland, drink with friends, and revel in the happy match-day glow that seems to envelop the pub. Fun, guaranteed.

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2. Party with the people or live it up with the VIPs

Always wanted a taste of the VIP lifestyle? Gather at least four of your closest friends and make a VIP table reservation to get front row seats to all the action – and a €100 bar tab. Why not enjoy celebrity status for a night?


3. Um, this is a private party

Five venues. Fifteen spaces. In-house event manager, bar and floor staff, food, drinks, and (of course) music. Slattery’s have everything you need to throw an amazing party – and working with them will certainly take away all of that nasty pre-party stress. Throw that birthday bash or work party – with Slattery’s help, putting on a big party is a walk in the park!

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Party animal or designated driver, Slattery’s has got you covered. They’ve every drink under the sun – this pub is a great spot to take co-workers, friends, or family, rest assured that there’s something for everyone. Plus, you’ll always be in good company! Slattery’s is buzzing with a big pub crowd every evening.


5. Mod and trad

Slattery’s is a rare gem – traditional Irish pub in the front, modern and lively bar in the back. It’s worth a visit just to explore and experience the different atmospheres, it’s a lovely spot for the nostalgic and cutting-edge alike.

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Back Bar now open #dublin4 #beggarsbush

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My two cents: Slattery’s is not so much a pub as it is an experience – and one every local deserves to have. So head over, order a pint and soak in Slattery’s unique atmosphere.


Spread the Word with Limelight Communications

When you’ve got a project, big or small, managing publicity yourself can be really overwhelming. Whether you’ve a business, event, or film to promote, Limelight Communications can take the stress of promotions off your plate. They have the know-how and energy to make your project sparkle and generate lots of positive buzz with Irish consumers. Read on below for five ways Limelight Communications can make sure you are firmly in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

1.Imagination station

At Limelight, they realize that each account is unique, and are able to tailor their approach to fit your needs. Free from the constraints of a cookie-cutter approach, Limelight make good use of their creativity to come up with fun promotions that are sure to reach your target audience. Rest assured that you won’t be presented with boring, stale ideas – Limelight are incredible at coming up with lovely one-of-a-kind stunts, events, and promotional strategies.


2. A job done right

Limelight employs a top-notch team that have the experience, connections, and know-how to execute their stellar ideas. These pros know exactly what needs to be done and the most efficient way to do it, so you can be sure that no details will slip through the cracks. Working with Limelight, you’re going to get results.


3. All shapes and sizes

Whether your project or business is mega-huge or teeny-tiny, it’ll be safe in Limelight’s hands. A boutique agency, Limelight can tailor it’s services to suit your project, whether you’re launching your first book, looking to lobby the government or you need crisis PR for a multinational corporation, they do it all and give each project the intense love and dedication it deserves.

4. Know your audience

Limelight Communications has been providing top notch corporate & consumer PR, event management and public affairs services for over a decade, so they are very in-tune with Irish consumers and audiences. Not only do they have all the industry contacts you could need, but they also know what it takes to put on an event that people will actually attend and enjoy, or run a promotion that will entice entries and generate buzz. There’s no point to promotions if you don’t reach consumers, and Limelight will make sure that you get the audience you need.

5. Love what you do (and they will too)

At Limelight, they know that you really care about your project, and are invested in your success. Instead of dealing with a massive PR company that just sees you as another number, it makes sense to bring Limelight onto the team so that your project is promoted with enthusiasm and passion.


Here’s the deal: Limelight Communications is the way to go for all your PR needs. Seriously. Their skill for PR, coupled with the dedication and creativity they bring to each project, make them an obvious choice for any promotional work you have. Take the stress off your plate, and leave it to the pros Limelight. It’ll be the best choice you ever make.


5 Reasons to Duck into The Bath


1. Good food and alcohol – always a hit

Customers at The Bath can enjoy Base Wood Fired Pizzas thanks to an exclusive partnership between the two. From the comfort of your table you can place an order for artisan pizza with the staff and shortly thereafter pizza goodness will wing it’s way to you! Just check out the tempting menu. At weekend’s The Bath excels with an excellent brunch menu served from 11am to 4pm. A personal favourite is “Something Sweet” a divine dish of fluffy ricotta pancakes, honeycomb butter and winter berry compôte.

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2. Have a pint and smell the roses

I see trees of green, red roses too . . . In The Bath beer garden, you can enjoy a beautiful view – a little oasis in the heart of Beggars Bush. Absorb the sun when it bothers to make an appearance, or enjoy a breath of fresh air in the city with a nive cocktail in hand.

3. A hop, skip, and a jump from the stadium

Have tickets for a match or concert at Aviva? You lucky duck. Well, your good fortune continues, because delicious pizza and drinks at The Bath are just a short ten-minute walk away. Get amped with drinks before the match, or celebrate afterwards under the stars in the beer garden! Making a night of it is easy with great food and drinks close nearby.

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4. Bottoms up

The Bath offers too many great drinks to possibly try in one sitting – you’ll have to make multiple trips to taste all their craft beers, premium spirits, and original cocktails. Plus, you can go with friends and get yummy drinks to share – they offer up a list of four drinks for €15 each that are big enough to serve three or four people.

5. Places to see, things to do

The Bath isn’t just a great spot to go before and after shows. They also hold their very own special events! Whether you’re up for something small like a quiz night or a bigger event like a charity cycle to and from Howth peninsula, they’ve got something for you. So brush up on your fun facts, pump up your bicycle tires, and join in on the fun!


The cutest reason to head over to The Bath? They’re puppy positive! Little husky just chillin’? Of course. Happy french bulldog hanging out? You bet. These dogs know where it’s at (by it, I mean delicious food, yummy drinks, and lovely surroundings).

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WhiteWash Laundry can help you to succeed at life

Fact No. 1: No one likes to do laundry.

Fact No. 2: 99.99% of us, even Brad Pitt, must do laundry anyway.

These facts reveal a tragic truth about the modern condition. Despite the fact that we all hate doing laundry, societal standards require us to wear clean (enough) clothes out in public. So the question becomes: if I’m going to have to do laundry, what’s the most efficient way?

If you’re like me, you’re trying to get your clothes as clean as possible without totally destroying them, while also getting good value for money and maximizing your productivity in regards to time spent. My pick for laundry, be it a regular wash and dry, specialty cleaning, or dry cleaning is (drumroll, please) . . .  is WhiteWash on Grand Canal Street!

Here’s why.

1.Real talk

Let’s cut to the chase. None of us regular Joes really know how to do laundry. Sure, we pretend to read the labels and separate lights and darks (on occasion). But if we’re honest, we’ve all lost a jumper or two in our time to the whims of the wash and dry process. It seems pointless to expect all of our clothes to make it through cleaning without a few casualties. But, there is an answer! You really can expect more from your laundry! At WhiteWash, they’ve seen about everything there is to see, and can give you expert advice on all things laundry. Lace laundering! Denim laundering! Money laundering! (They can advise on at least two of the three.)


2.R&R (Repairs & Renovations)

A hole has appeared in your favourite cardigan. Just like that, you are plunged into the depths of despair. None of your outfits work anymore – there’s really no point in even trying. You trudge around in sweatpants, having given up on fashion forever.

The good news – WhiteWash employs an experienced tailor who will repair or alter your clothes with the TLC (thread-loving care) that they deserve. Live life dangerously in the most delicate of garments – you’ve got a tailor in your back pocket!


3. The more you give, the more you get

Another reason to make WhiteWash your go-to: they have a tasty customer loyalty program. For every €100 you spend, you get €10 towards your next order. Me and ol’ WhiteWash., we’re in it for the long haul. Is it too soon for friendship bracelets?


4. Deals lurking around every corner

Savings opportunities galore! Every so often, WhiteWash posts special offers online that run for three weeks. Plus, their price system for individual loads is a game-changer – they charge based on weight, so you’ll pay the same amount to separate your lights and darks using two machines as you would to shove them all in one and hope for the best. Being a responsible adult: made possible by WhiteWash.

5. All of the above in the best location

So, now for the big question. How can you be most efficient with your time? The laundry process takes about an hour and a half, and midway through that you have to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer. The best thing about WhiteWash, in my humble opinion, it its proximity to other shops and services. While you wait, you can grab a coffee at Press, go for a sandwich at Food Game, grab groceries at Lotts & Co, pick up toiletries at O’Connor’s, or even go for a walk by Grand Canal. I love being able to get away from the hum of laundry machines and get shopping done or take some me time while my clothes are cleaned. With the help of WhiteWash, you’ll be a laundry expert in no time, and you’ll always be outfitted to perfection (or at least in clothes that aren’t dirty, ripped, or ill-fitting). Laundry goals: achieved.


(PS. WhiteWash Laundry aren’t just in Beggars Bush –  they also have an outlet in The Village Square Tallaght!)

Five Reasons Presto is Worth a Visit

Sometimes, nothing but fish and chips will do. And luckily, if that mood strikes you when you’re in Beggars Bush, Presto’s is on hand with incredible, fresh food befitting its reputation as one of the best chippers in Dublin. An authentic Italian chipper, these guys are the real deal. Here are our top five reasons you need not look any further for your fish and chips fix.

1. The perfect place to get your fish and chips

Everyone loves fish and chips and at Presto, they have the formula down with hand cut chips made fresh from real potatoes every day. If you walk in today it’s the same team serving you chips with a smile as when they first opened – Leo, Eddie, Anna and Anca have been there from the beginning and they are pros at what they do.

2. Close to you

When you’re out and about in the evening, it’s important to know where the closest take away is in case you have that sudden desire for food. Well, here’s the inside scoop: Presto is right in the heart of Beggars Bush. Out for a few pints in Slattery’s or Ryans? Fish and chips are only a hop, skip and a jump away.

3. You won’t go hungry

Finally, portions that feed a normal sized human! For a meal that will truly get you through the whole evening, go to Presto. Their generous servings will leave you more than satisfied. You could even share a couple of chips with your friend … I mean if you were feeling really generous and they were an exceptionally good friend.


4. Great food at all hours of the night

Presto’s is open until 1 AM, so no matter how late you’re out, you can pop in to Presto. With all the great pubs in the area, Presto can provide all the soakage you need! It’s always important to have a late-night food option in your back pocket.

5. Chance of bankruptcy as a result of Presto’s prices: slim to none

Did I mention it’ll cost you under a tenner for a meal? Their fresh cod, chips and a soft drink combo is just 8.70. For food that’ll sustain you all night long, that’s pretty dang good, if I do say so myself.


Why You’d Be Smart to Entrust Your Projects to Paceprint

Printing – something we do all the time, but never really think about. Printing needs can be small, like memo-printed-on-standard-paper-size-small. Or they can be huge, like massive-vinyl-banner-huge. With big projects, the stakes are high, and only the best printers will do. My Beggars Bush pick for all printing needs, large and tiny? Paceprint – here are five reasons why.

1. Print anything under the sun

Sometimes, text on standard A4 paper just isn’t going to meet your needs. You want posters! Point of sale displays! Newsletters! Stationery! Menus, folders, FLYERS, BOOKLETS! Well, with the help of Paceprint, your wildest printing dreams can now come true. Paceprint have the capacity to print all of the above, and more.

2. Need for speed

We’ve all had printing emergencies. Absent-mindedness strikes, a colleague fails to follow through, or a spill happens in the wrong place at the wrong time – and all of a sudden the world crumbles down around you. An easy way to avoid the panic of printing disasters? Keep Paceprint in your back pocket for a rainy day. They work hard to ensure a fast turnaround on services (even offering a three-day guarantee) and utilise courier delivery for emergency jobs. Deadlines: met.


3. Crystal clear

Frustration levels are bound to peak when your printer at home decides to go on the fritz – jamming, printing in funky colours, beeping endlessly just to annoy the heck out of you. The great thing about Paceprint is that you don’t have to deal with printer struggles, and you get a top-notch product every time. Print quality is always crisp, clean, and error-free. #FLAWLESS

4. Perfect prints at your fingertips

Paceprint is located just off Bath Avenue, smack dab in the middle of the neighbourhood. They’re a stone’s throw away from food stores, a laundry shop, the pharmacy, the dentist, a hairdressers and numerous lunch spots, so it’s easy to get all of your errands done in one go and grab a bite to eat while you’re at it.

5. Get up to date

Paceprint are paper and ink experts – and they’ll bring you up to speed so you can be one, too. Just take a look at their website to brush up on some simple printer knowledge, and call or pop in for personalized advice. It’s always nice to know that your project is in good hands.


When all is said and printed: Paceprint make printing easy, quick, and painless. They’re the ones to help you realize those painstaking projects – they’ll take your hours of hard work and turn it into something tangible. Mission accomplished!


Dublin’s Best Pizza at Paulie’s

For a fun night out with friends, Paulie’s Pizza is the best of the best.  It has amazing food,  a fun vibe and very reasonable prices . . . I just can’t recommend the place highly enough!

It would seem I’m not the only one who feels this way as Lovin Dublin crowned it “hands down best pizza in Dublin”, Dublin Live said it’s “some of the best pizza you’ll have anywhere” and Paulo Tullio once reviewed a dish saying it was “as good as you’d have got in Sorrento!” Have I peaked your attention? Read on for just a few more reasons that you need more Paulie’s Pizza in your life.

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  1. Authentic Italian

Paulie’s have really committed to crafting authentic Italian cuisine. In an article for the Independent, renowned Italian food critic Paolo Tullio claimed that Paulie’s food was on-par with the best Italy that has to offer. He was also enamoured with their authentic pizza oven and highly trained, authentic Neopolitan pizza chefs.

🍀 Things are hotting up at this Dublin destination #dublincity #gettingmyirishon

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  1. Price

It’s rare to find authentic Italian cuisine in Dublin, and almost impossible to find it at a reasonable price. If you don’t want to break the bank on a night out, you’re in luck – Paulie’s serve generous individual-size pizzas starting at 10€ and you can get a glass of house wine for just €5.50.


Prosecco o'clock with my lovely @sarahlaceybindi 🍾👭

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  1. Style points

Paulie’s is undeniably a Beggar’s Bush hotspot. It’s super trendy and always attracts a buzzing dinner crowd. Plus, all of their food is incredibly Instagrammable, Snapchattable and most importantly DEVOURABLE!  Sure, on a weekend you may have to wait a couple of minutes for a table but as everyone knows – good things take time.

🍀 Margherita augmented by spicy salami #dublincity #gettingmyirishon

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  1. Bring friends

All of the above make Paulie’s a perfect spot to start a night out, celebrate a birthday, or have a squad reunion. Plus, their menu is broad enough that there should be something for everyone’s taste and price range – and really, who doesn’t love pizza?

Back to Dublin 🇮🇪🍀

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Paulie’s Pizza is named as such for a reason. To see just how seriously Paulie’s takes their pizza, look at what goes into each one. They promise to use “only Caputo ’00’ flour, San Marzano tomatoes, the best mozzarella, slow proved dough and a wood fired oven which cooks at over 450 degrees Celsius.”


Lumpy pizza at its finest ❣

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Let there be pizza!



Reasons a Makeover at EF Creative Studios is a Brilliant Idea

This week, I tried out a makeover at Emma Farrell Creative Studios. As someone who usually just throws some mascara on and calls it a day, I was very happy to hand over the reins to a real live makeup artist. And boy, was that a good decision. Nay, a great decision. After 40 minutes in their lovely studio, I went from bare-faced to total beauty queen. Read (and see) the proof below.


1. In good hands

Whether you’re a makeup junkie or a gal who usually goes without, it’s really cool to have an experienced professional work on your makeup. Samantha, the makeup artist I worked with, said she does everything from wedding cosmetics to going out makeup, body paint and bold looks for fashion shoots. As she expertly applied my makeup, she took my vague request for “Something not crazy, maybe? I’m going back to the office after this,” and created a subtle but lovely look, picking a palette that complemented my colouring and upped my glamour factor.

Samantha at work creating a neutral but eye-enhancing look.

Samantha at work creating a neutral but eye-enhancing look.

2. Getting ready is relaxing (for once)

Getting ready for a big event or trying out a new look can be incredibly stressful. As your makeup gets the best of you, questions flood your brain: Why is liquid eyeliner so messy? How do I do eyeliner wings that are even? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS STUPID MASCARA AND WHY IS IT ALL OVER MY FACE? At EF Creative Studios, it’s easy to slide into a chair and relax, knowing you’re in good hands. Plus, the staff are perfectly lovely and always up for a chat.

In the studio – much love for the bright, cheery vibe.

In the studio – much love for the bright, cheery vibe.

3. Your two cents

It can be a little daunting to fully trust anyone else with your makeup and hair. Style choices are intensely personal, especially when it comes to makeup . . . and a bad makeover can be a complete nightmare.

At EF Creative Studios, there’s no danger of ending up with a look you hate. They’re able to take very specific requests or work with you to decide what makeup will suit you and your occasion best. I went in with no idea what I wanted and very little makeup knowledge, and instead of overwhelming me with questions or totally taking over, Samantha had me make little choices along the way to create a look I liked. It was easy and fun to simply give my approval to her choices and answer little questions along the way like, “So, eyeshadow . . . shimmery or matte?”

My philosophy: always say yes to winged eyeliner and false lashes.

My philosophy: always say yes to winged eyeliner and false lashes.

Ta da! The final product.

Ta da! The final product.


After an enjoyable makeover process, I took to the streets – and Snapchat – feeling hot to trot with my new look. For the rest of the night, I was thrilled with my gloriously photogenic face, and was showered with compliments when I met up with my friends after work. “Oh, your makeover must have been today!” they shrieked. “You look amazing!” If only I could start every day getting made over at EF Creative Studios.

Obligatory silly Snapchat to celebrate makeover success.

Obligatory silly Snapchat to celebrate makeover success.

5. Staying power

Ah, time, that relentless foe of even the most carefully applied makeup. What good is a makeover when it almost immediately melts off your face? Given the typical rainy weather and the fact that my plans for the night included crying my eyes out during a performance of the musical Once, I was a little worried about how my makeup would hold up. However, the rain and tears were unable to dislodge my expertly applied cosmetics, so hours later I still looked surprisingly put together.

All in all: no matter what the occasion, a trip to EF Creative Studios is sure to be lots of fun, and you’ll leave with a look that both suits and pleases you. They’re simply the best, so on important days when you can’t have your makeup letting you down, they’re a natural choice to take care of your cosmetic needs. Plus, if you’re itching to learn how to create fabulous looks all on your own, you can take a class! They’ve got lessons galore (of special note: a new workshop called Ageless Beauty for over 40s to brush up on makeup and skincare, and get the lowdown on cosmetics products). So, go it alone, bring a group, or take a class! And remember just how much fun makeup can be.

Five reasons you should up your Foodgame (at Foodgame)

We’ll set the scene… It’s early morning and your alarm goes off. The moment you open your eyes, two things become incredibly, vitally clear. One: the day can’t start until you have a decent cup of coffee and a bite to eat. And two: this afternoon, you will be in desperate need of a lunch so delicious that it carries you through the rest of the work day and has you saying, “It’s five o’clock already?” and whistling on your way home.

The question is, where do you obtain said life-saving coffee, breakfast, and lunch without walking miles and miles or paying an arm and a leg? As a relative newcomer to the Beggars Bush area who has been obsessed with answering this question, let me make a recommendation. After roaming the neighbourhood and exploring all options imaginable, I’ve come to the conclusion that Foodgame is the place to be.

Me: “Act natural! Like I’m not taking a picture of you!”

Me: “Act natural! Like I’m not taking a picture of you!”

1. Commitment to quality

Let me start off by saying this – the food at Foodgame is good. Like really, really good. Go-to-Foodgame-for-your-birthday-brunch good. Plus, the selection (at breakfast, brunch, and lunch) is killer. Chicken and chorizo sandwich? French omelette on toast? SIGNATURE HOMEMADE BRUSCHETTA? Yes please, we’ll have one of everything. What’s more, all the food is locally sourced and prepared fresh each day! Buying local has never been this delicious.

There are no words to describe just how much I love this salad.

There are no words to describe just how much I love this salad.

2. Convenience is key

Foodgame is located right in the beating heart of Beggar’s Bush, a stone’s throw away from a grocery shop, laundry shop, pharmacy, and more. Plus, their options for a take away breakfast are positively heavenly. They make scones fresh each day, and will load them up with butter and jam on your behalf so you can eat with ease on the go. Plus, they have a really yummy coffee menu. My favourite way to start the day is with a Foodgame scone and Americano (added bonus: a morning spent in a happy coffee-and-pastry glow will only set you back €3.95).

Coffee is love, coffee is life.

#ariosacoffee and #scone …Sometimes it's the small things that make the big difference

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3. See and be seen

Foodgame has one of the most vibrant lunch crowds in Beggar’s Bush – it’s always buzzing with chatty and lively diners, but never feels overcrowded. Even if you’re eating alone, posting up inside Foodgame or out on the patio puts you right into the center of the lunch rush. And it lets you satisfy your mid-day meal requirement in style.

A moment of quiet before the lunch rush hits – admiring all the cosy little spots to snuggle up with your soup and salad.

A moment of quiet before the lunch rush hits – admiring all the cosy little spots to snuggle up with your soup and salad.

4. Sandwiches as a science

The lovely sandwich artisans at Foodgame truly understand the makeup of a perfect sandwich. Order one, and you’ll be served a satisfying mix of only the finest meats and vegetables (or just the veggies – for you herbivores) between two pieces of delicious, toasted, buttery bread. Hand crafted in house, these edible masterpieces are never less than stellar, and they even come at a reasonable price – starting at €5. Lunch, anyone?

5. Good vibes

Long story short: the food at Foodgame is delicious, the prices are reasonable, the variety is great, the other diners are fun, blah blah blah. You may well ask, “But what REALLY makes Foodgame special? What sets it apart? What makes you gush about Foodgame with such an inspiring joie de vivre?”

So here it is – the coolest thing about Foodgame is the atmosphere set by the staff. They’re always friendly, accommodating, efficient, and concerned with getting your order just right so that you have the best experience possible.

But don’t think they’re all business – there’s something about the Foodgame attitude that can put things in perspective and make you feel like you don’t have to take everything so seriously. Maybe it’s the funny chalkboard messages out in front of the shop. Maybe it’s the staff members who are willing to dress up in silly outfits for any and all special occasions. Or maybe it’s just being greeted with a smile that makes you feel like you could take 15 minutes to order and ask for something horribly complicated and you’d still be treated like royalty. Regardless, Foodgame is a spot where you can feed your appetite and feel a little more human on even the most stressful of days.

So go forth, and get a sandwich. You won’t regret it.


This week’s BBD4 Business In Focus Post was written by Lucie Lyon.